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Joywash Fabric Perfume

Say no more to bad odor on your shirt, pillows, sofas, car seats, carpet and other fabric product that you have! 

Joywash Fabric Perfume is here to help with your problem! With the newest formula, it can be used as  Multipurpose Deodoriser. Its remove bad odor, stinky smell, foul odour , and musty scent! Just spray that Joywash Fabric Perfume and rejoice with refreshing scent of lavender , blossom, passion, rose and ck. 
Its available in five fragrance: 
Calvin klein 

Whats more? It also can be diluted to reduce that strong fragrance to a mellow fresh scent ,incase your nose is very sensitive to strong perfume. Just add a few ml of water it is easy as that. 

And we also sell them in diluted bulk litres. For anyone who are interested in wholesale price there are 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre. Due to our special formula  it can be mix with water to make another bottle of fabric perfume. If you ever think to sell them this is your chance!

Dont wait , and try it out.