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Jasmine Floor Cleaner

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Introducing Joywash’s Jasmine Floor Cleaner ( Pencuci Lantai Bunga Melur )

Special cleaning solution that not only provides exceptional cleaning power but also leaves a delightful and lasting fragrance throughout your space. Infused with the enchanting aroma of jasmine! Joywash jasmine ( Bunga Melur ) floor cleaner offers a unique and refreshing experience for your cleaning routine.
Our Joywash Floor Cleaner Jasmine :

  1. Jasmine are refreshing and uplifting: The captivating scent of jasmine flowers helps create a serene and uplifting atmosphere, making your cleaning experience more enjoyable.

  2. Aromatherapy benefits: Jasmine is renowned for its calming and stress-relieving properties. As you clean, the subtle aroma of jasmine can promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  3. Odor elimination: Our Floor Cleaner Jasmine ( Bunga Melur ) effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors, leaving your floors and surrounding areas with a long-lasting, fresh jasmine fragrance.

  4. Natural antibacterial properties: Jasmine possesses natural antibacterial properties that can help sanitize and disinfect your floors, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

  5. Versatile usage: Joywash Floor Cleaner Jasmine is suitable for various types of flooring, including tiles, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl. It effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your floors sparkling clean and fragrant.

Where to use Joywash Jasmine Floor Cleaner:

  1. Homes and living spaces: Enhance the ambiance of your living room, bedrooms, and other areas where the soothing scent of jasmine can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Spa and wellness centers: Create a tranquil and aromatic environment in your spa, massage rooms, or yoga studios, elevating the overall experience for your clients.

  3. Boutique shops and retail spaces: Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your store by using our  Floor Cleaner Jasmine . The captivating scent of jasmine can create a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

  4. Hospitality industry: Hotels, resorts, and guesthouses can delight their guests with the refreshing aroma of jasmine in their rooms, corridors, and common areas, providing a pleasant and welcoming environment.

  5. Experience the captivating allure of jasmine while achieving spotlessly clean floors with Joywash Floor Cleaner Jasmine . Elevate your cleaning routine and infuse your space with the exquisite fragrance of jasmine for a truly delightful and aromatic experience.


  • Our Floor Cleaner Available in 20 Liter, 10 Liter , 5 Liter , and 1 Liter.
  • Our Jasmine ( Bunga Melur ) Floor Cleaner Comes with SDS and MSDS.
  • Other sizes are available but comes with MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity ).
  • Currently we are trying to get  MyHijau Mark or EcoLabel for our product with Sirim.
  • It is safe to use and environmental friendly
  • Can also be used for toilet cleaner
  • Antibacterial properties.