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Kaffir Lime Floor Cleaner

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Introducing Joywash Floor Cleaner Limau Purut .

( Pencuci Lantai Limau Purut ) 

Harnessing the exceptional benefits of Limau Purut (kaffir lime) essential oil to transform your cleaning experience. With its unique properties and invigorating aroma, this floor cleaner is designed to provide a refreshing and effective clean in various settings.

The key to the power of Limau Purut lies in its natural essential oil, known for its antibacterial and cleansing properties. Joywash Floor Cleaner Limau Purut combines the potency of this essential oil with carefully selected biodegradable raw materials, ensuring a cleaning solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly.

This remarkable floor cleaner excels in combating odors and stains, particularly in areas where unpleasant smells persist. The zesty fragrance of Limau Purut neutralizes and overpowers stubborn odors, leaving your space smelling fresh and revitalized. Say goodbye to unpleasant scents and welcome the invigorating aroma of Limau Purut.

Joywash Floor Cleaner Limau Purut is the ideal choice for cleaning in government agencies and facilities, as it is specifically mentioned in cleaning tenders and contracts. Contractors are encouraged to procure this floor cleaner to ensure superior cleanliness and a refreshing ambiance in these important spaces.

Moreover, the antibacterial properties of Limau Purut provide an added layer of protection, making it particularly suitable for bathroom and wet, musty areas. Effortlessly eliminate germs and maintain a hygienic environment with this versatile floor cleaner.

Available in 20 liters, 10 liters, 5 liters, and 1 liter sizes, Joywash Limau Purut Floor Cleaner offers convenience and flexibility to meet your specific cleaning needs. Whether you're tackling large-scale cleaning projects or smaller, everyday tasks, our range of sizes ensures you have the right amount on hand.

Experience the exceptional benefits of Limau Purut with Joywash Floor Cleaner. Create a refreshing and hygienic space with the invigorating scent of Limau Purut, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from using a product made from biodegradable materials. Elevate your cleaning routine and let the zesty aroma of Limau Purut transport you to a rejuvenating environment. 


  • Our Floor Cleaner Available in 20 Liter, 10 Liter , 5 Liter , and 1 Liter. 
  • Our Limau Purut Floor Cleaner Comes with SDS and MSDS.
  • Other sizes are available but comes with MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity ). 
  • Currently we are trying to get  MyHijau Mark or EcoLabel for our product with Sirim.
  • It is safe to use and environmental friendly 
  • Can also be used for toilet cleaner 
  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Floor Cleaner Biodegradable ( Pencuci Lantai terbiodegrasi )
  • Followed Government Standard and requirement.