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Degreaser Promax

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Promax Degreaser: Discover the ultimate convenience of Promax Degreaser

Your ready-to-use solution for effortless grease removal. Specially formulated to tackle greasy surfaces, Promax Degreaser saves you time and effort in your cleaning routine. Simply grab the bottle, spray directly onto the greasy area, and let the powerful formula do its magic. Allow it to sit for a moment to penetrate and dissolve the grease. Then, wipe away with a clean cloth or sponge, revealing a squeaky-clean surface. Promax Degreaser leaves no residue behind, ensuring a streak-free finish. Revolutionize your cleaning process with Promax Degreaser's quick and effective solution.
Directions for Promax Degreaser:
1.     Shake the Promax Degreaser bottle well.
2.     Spray the Degreaser directly onto the greasy surface.
3.     Let the solution sit for a moment to penetrate and dissolve the grease.
4.     Wipe away the dissolved grease with a clean cloth or sponge.
5.     For heavily soiled areas, repeat the process if necessary.
6.     Enjoy the pristine, grease-free surface with minimal effort.

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